SCJ World Academy is a haven for holistic learning, carried out under the supervision of mentors who are masters of their respective fields. What makes this institution truly capable is the rooting-in of firm values and clear aims for the future.


To nurture well-balanced students who have a strong sense of right and wrong and are well on their way to becoming responsible citizens.


To ensure the continued relevance & sustainability of the institution so that it remains vital to the world & at the heart of the community it serves.


To inspire and enthuse all students, whatever their talents, to be passionate about achieving their full potential in their academic, sporting, creative and social endeavours.

Ms. NISHA BHAKAR - Principal

A post graduate in History and a Bachelor in Education with over two decades in the field of education, Ms. Nisha Bhakar has not only engaged herself in setting by new schools but is also passionate about building meaningful libraries in schools.Ms. Bhakar has worked across curricula – the national board-CBSE, Primary Years program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate & the Cambridge qualifications -Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Ms. Bhakar was instrumental in planning, designing and reviewing of curriculum while playing the lead role in the Whole School Transformation carried out at the Heritage School, Gurgaon in association with idiscoveri, a partner of WATIS besides having worked as the Principal of a GEMS Managed K-12 CBSE school in Jaipur and a CIE (Cambridge International Examination) school in Hyderabad offering qualifications to students from Grade 1 to A Levels.
Developing Teacher Resource Packs as a Resource person with Oxford University Press, India and PEARSON EDUCATION, authoring books, conducting workshops for educators on pedagogy, CCE, ELT and lesson-planning are some of the additional areas of her work. She was the resource person for the Reading Cell of NCERT under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiayn. Ms. Bhakar was awarded the ‘The Best Educationist Award’ for 2012 by the International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi and the ‘Eminent Educationist Award’ by the National and International Compendium, Delhi. Also been awarded the “Asia Pacific Global Achiever's Award” by the Global Achievers Foundation, Delhi. Was felicitated by Cambridge International Education (CIE) in 2014 for having an India topper in IGCSE-Mathematics in her school.
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Educational leaders must guide their school through the challenges posed by an increasingly complex environment. World Academy has a broad leadership team, including: the co-founder and his team, a head of school, a headmistress, a chief administrative officer, a director of teaching and learning, a curriculum coordinator and project consultants.


Mentors are the heart of the World Academy. Developing the teaching talent and incentivizing best mentors, retaining good mentors are all significant to improving the quality of teaching. World Academy plans to align the rewards of teaching more closely with the values it brings to society. The comprehensive, multi-step selection process of our mentors ensures that only the finest people are part of the World Academy.


World Academy has a highly developed, coherent, intelligent and responsibly evolving “school design” that lays out the hundreds of important choices that go into the conception and execution of a great school. The school design process started well before the opening of the 20 acre campus in 2016. The creation of that design was a highly collaborative process, and World Academy is committed to maintaining a high degree of fidelity to the design.


World Academy expects students both to be with teachers and students in a traditional school setting and to take advantage of the power and flexibility of new technology. Students enjoy a rich mix of instructional techniques. Part of the day is in traditional classroom settings; other portions are with small teams of students on project-based work; and some time is spent pursuing highly individualised learning, often with the aid of technology. This requires a serious commitment to technological infrastructure, which is imbedded in the World Academy plan.


World Academy expects students to pursue significant independent study. Support for this approach manifests itself in different architecture (for example, “open” areas within the school where students can work on their own or in small groups); a different schedule (time during every day for students to pursue their areas of excellence; and faculty support (mentors specially trained to facilitate this educational approach).

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Our Team

Mentors who bring forth a world of learning.

At the World Academy, there are no teachers instead, there are mentors. Because teachers only teach whereas mentors mould. Mentors not just impart knowledge, but also shape the outlook and persona of a student. Be it academics, sports, performing arts or other kinds of art, it is the mentors who identify, nurture and encourage talent.

For that reason, the selection procedure of mentors at the World Academy is more stringent than most schools and entails multiple rounds of interviews with the founders, reputed academicians and demonstration classes to showcase the prospective mentor’s skills.

Once with the World Academy, mentors undergo regular training sessions to keep them abreast of the developments in the field of education, technology, internet platforms, learning aids and presentation platforms. Instead of standard tests, the mentors are trained in evaluating students differently, based on the diverse ways of absorbing knowledge. While some learn from listening alone, others do better with audio-visual aids and some by performing the task first-hand. At the World Academy, it’s called the Real Mentor Program.